“A woman’s most valuable accessory is her skin”

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  • Enhance your attractiveness with pure luxury
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ROYAL LUXURY CREAM will make you luxuriously attractive

  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Radiant complexion
  • Firm skin
  • Look simply amazing

What makes Royal Luxury Cream so special?

The breathtaking success of this premium luxury cosmetic product results from combining a selection of unique, precisely coordinated, highest quality ingredients to develop a completely new anti-ageing formula.
After a short period of regular daily use, your skin will look better, you will have fewer wrinkles and your complexion will appear fresher and more youthful. Treat yourself to a daily application of luxury and enjoy the amazement of your friends.

Royal Luxury Cream – The WOW Effect

In just a short time, Royal Luxury Cream stimulates a natural, endogenous effect.
Often we fail to notice the positive changes in our skin immediately, but they are much more noticeable to people who do not see us every day. Make a real “before-and-after comparison” and see how much your skin and attractiveness has improved.
We call this the “WOW effect”!

Contents/Active ingredients of Royal Luxury Cream:

  • Platinum peptide
  • Diamond powder
  • Gold pigments
  • Caviar extract
  • Oyster extract
  • Chardonnay extract
  • Pure organic rose water
  • Panthenol